Session Contract || GDPR Compliance

If you have any questions please feel free to discuss them with me in our sessions.

Each session will last for 50 minutes and after an agreed initial consultation it will be necessary for you to give at least two weeks’ notice if you decide to terminate the therapy. Each subsequent session after the initial consultation will incur a fee of £60 per session. Payment for sessions is payable after each session. Unless 48 hours notice of cancellation is given the session will be charged in full except in exceptional circumstances. Please give as much notice as possible of arranged holidays, at least two weeks notice is required without incurring a charge. The fee will be reviewed annually and in discussion with you before it takes effect.


The sessions and your material are confidential and I will keep the contents of the sessions confidential between us. I keep brief session notes which are stored separately to this information and do not contain your name. All data, both this and session notes, are kept in locked drawers and filing cabinets. Electronic information / data is on a password protected computer. I consult about my client work with a clinical supervisor, to support my work with clients, but I do not share names or other identifying details. My professional will arrangements are that if I become incapacitated or unable to contact you, another psychotherapist (colleague) will have access to your name and contact details only, for the sole purpose of contacting you and offering support during this time. They will also be bound by the confidentiality arrangement between us. If my absence is permanent, they will take responsibility to delete all data relating to my client work.


Confidentiality will only be broken in the event that harm to self or others is likely. I will break confidentiality and alert a third party who can help prevent harm. I will inform you in advance, if it is possible to do so. I will not share any personal data with any third party unless I have gained your consent (e.g. GP or psychiatrist) or if ordered by a court of law.


Your data will be kept for the time that you are in therapy with me and stored in line with the ICO ( guidelines, my member organisational guidance and my insurance requirements. It will be stored in a secure manner, both electronically and/or paper copy. This is currently a period of six years after the therapy has ended, at which time it will be destroyed.


I will use your data for communication purposes and contact with you for payments, bills and notices about leave and/or holiday arrangements. Although email is not 100% secure and I am aware of human error I would like to use this form of communication with you. If I become aware of a data breach either via human error or intentional hacking I will inform you as well as the ICO.

ICO Registration

Organisation name: Mrs Mary Rose Flynn

Reference: ZA442323